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Timbu: Explore the World in Style

Temitope Bamidele
04, April 2019

Want to explore the world? In style and ease? is all you need. It is a web platform that provides you with all you need to make your traveling a leisure, greased in pleasure, without leaving a hole in your pocket.

Whether you are traveling for business or as a tourist, whether as an individual or as a group, have you covered. They provide assistance in booking of hotels and homes in virtually every countries in the world from anywhere in the world. All at the tip of your finger.

What's more?

They also help in catering for your flight booking and reservation, both locally within your country as well as internationally. And yes, they bring all these to you at the click of a button.

Guess what?

Their sterling reputation in offering impeccable services have earned them the trust of many around the globe. They serve both the rich and modest. This is evident in their humble 40 percent exclusive discount offers on some of the exotic abodes you can find on earth.

Still Curious?

OQuickly checkout the robust information and advice they provide on visas / requirement. As icing on the cake, they tailored their advice for specific citizen from almost any country. All in bid to ensure you are well covered and informed in your travel.

Think that's all? No!

To promote educational tourism, they also have a platform for international students and aspiring international students to help ease the burden of securing admissions, scholarship, student visa, choice of course, eligibility check and choice of institution in foreign shores.

In Summary!

Timbu is simply your all in one site for everything hotel bookings, flight reservation, tourism, and lots more ...

Thank you for reading.

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7 Reasons Why you need a website!

14, December 2018

One of the must have for any 21th century business is an online presence and the best way to have a commanding online presence is by having your own website.

Here are seven reasons why you need a website:

1. Global Awareness:

A website serves most often than not as your first contact to the world for both your customers and prospective customers. With a website your brand gets a global awareness which invariably expands your business opportunities (profits).

2. Stamps Your Legitimacy:

A website helps stamp your legitimacy in the eyes of your prospective clients. They expect you to have an online presence. So when they google your brand and your website pops up on Google you earn some legitimacy. At the same time it erases whatever doubt about your authenticity they might have earlier nursed about you.

3. Competition:

Another indispensable reason why you need a website is because your competitors are harnessing the advantages have their own website. If you want to stand toe-to-toe with your competitors you need a website or else you oust yourself out of business!

4. Efficient means of Communication:

Existing clients and prospective clients get to know more easily about your brand by visiting your website. Through your website, you communicate easily and efficiently with the world. People get to read reviews and see what past users of your services and products have to say.

5. Become Omnipresent:

Through your website you have the opportunity to be omnipresent. This means that by leverage on technology to become available and assessable 24/7 to the world. Customers can visit your website anytime and anywhere.

6. Reliable Data Garnering:

Your website is one of the most reliable and easiest ways to collect vital data that can be beneficial to your business. A good analysis and analytics of the data garnered on your website can be invaluable for the success of your business, if utilized well.

7. Personalize your Digital Space:

Your website provides you with freedom to do much more than what any social networks can offer. It gives you the flexibility to personalized your digital space to suit your business needs and taste.


7 Reasons Why you need a new website!

14, December 2018

I bet you might be wandering why on geez's name you need a new website. Well, the reasons are simple and we will delve into them shortly. But first, by a new website, we mean an upgraded website or a totally new one.

1,2,3, let's go ...

1. Mobile Friendly

Is your website mobile friendly?

This could be the ultimate reason you need a new website is if your old website is not mobile friendly. A good website should be mobile friendly and highly responsive. By responsive we mean its layout should automatically adjust beautifully and functionally irrespective of the device it is being viewed on. Fact has it that over two-third of the world website users access the internet with mobile phones, which means majority of your clients and prospective clients are mobile user. Hence, your website should not detest mobile users but delight them.

2. User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX)

How intuitive is your website user interface and user's experience?

All websites are meant for the users. If your website is not intuitive and users have to struggle to understand how to navigate your website then you need a new website. No clients would waste time trying to figure out how your website works, they would rather go to your closest competitor who has a simple intuitive and easy to navigate website.

3. Speed

how fast does your website load?

Trust us, no one has the patience to wait for a website page to load . No! Not in this jet era! Even you don't have the patience. A slow website is a turn off for users (customers), so if your present website falls in this category then you need a new website that load faster and better.

4. Search Engine OptimIzation/Ranking

How does your website rank on google search?

Most people get their information from the internet through search engine. So if your website did not show up on the first page of a search query related to your brand then you are as good as not having a website at all. People rarely clicks on the second page of a search query; well, may be with the exemption of researchers. Smiles! In summary, you need a website that pops up on the first page of search engines.

5. Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS)

Is your website secured?

If your website is not secured, it means there are more than 100% chances that any malicious person might inject unwanted things into your website (business). Also, it means users are not saved while on your site. Take it from us, users avoid unsecured websites. Why? Security is paramount in the vaste digital galaxy.

6. Updated Business

Have your business moved to the next level?

Time and tides wait for now one. Have your business changed with the tides in your industry, in terms of ways of doing things? if yes, then your website needs to reflect this great changes. It helps convince your clients and prospective customers that you know your stack and will serve them better!

7. Difficulty in Managing your Website

How easy can you manage your website?

Is your website dynamic? And can you easily manage its content? If no, we both know it is time to get a better website that will be easily managed by you or your staff. You need a Content Management System that helps you to easily manage the content of your website easily and smoothly, especially if your business is that that needs its website to be constantly updated.

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